Caught in the Crossfire – Carrying the “Torch of Hope”

Good morning to the “Good People of Earth.”

It’s hard to say that and mean it after some of the tragedies we have experienced recently.

Sandy Hook ShootingYesterday morning, a gutless gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 people (six adults and 20 children) before taking his own life. Reports say that the shooter was wearing a bullet proof vest… good thing, because I’m sure that the kindergarteners keep guns in their desks, cubbies, backpacks, and lunchboxes for self-defense.

For those of you who haven’t cried yet, see letter to the right written by a little boy who died during the lockdown. It’s sure to pull at your heartstrings…

Closer to home, we’ve recently lost a fellow Tiger, Steven Grich, to a violent shooting in Clemson. Reports say that murderers were looking for drugs…It’s baffling to me that somebody would take a life over such an endeavor.

Steven’s father wrote a poem after his death which includes the verses: “My dear son! I was thinking I gave you life / The reality is that you had given me life”. Check out the link below to learn more about this tragedy. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article to read the poem I just referenced.

So what are we left to think or do with these two tragedies in such regency? It’s times like these that it is too easy to lose faith in mankind and to question God…

Is the human race innately good? How could someone be cowardly enough to take any innocent life, never mind the lives of children? How could God let something like this happen? What is the purpose of this lesson? Is this a lesson? If it is, what are we to learn? How are we supposed to move on from something like this?

While constantly wondering and never being given a definitive answer to the question of “Why?” we instead must simply trust that foundation built by our family, friends, and faith doesn’t come toppling down upon us.

Like many of you, I find myself deeply saddened, confused, and enraged by the horror surrounding yesterday’s Sandy Hook shootings and the murder of Steven Grich. While I certainly don’t have any answers, I do have some positive thoughts that I’d like to share.

I’ve come to find that it’s tough times like these that define who we are and who we become in our lives.

These are the times that…

  • the people we love the most will answer to our cry for help
  • we discover the difference between an acquaintance and a lifelong friend
  • we learn to love and appreciate others in a deeper way
  • the best in each of us is brought out amidst the worst of circumstances
  • we are forced to lean on loved ones and remember we can never do it alone
  • we are reminded to refresh our relationship with and trust in God
  • we stop and count our blessings, and normally lose count
  • we step away from life’s routines, stop focusing on things and tasks, and refocus on people
  • we remember the most important of life’s learning experiences
  • we reflect on the best of times shared with the one’s we love most
  • we remember what it feels like to cry and not be ashamed
  • we recommit our lives to making the world a better place

I read a blog post yesterday reflecting on the CT shooting which really hit home. It’s called “An Open Letter to the Good People of Earth: Reflections on a Tragedy.” My favorite selection from the post comes at the end when the author writes, “The Good People of Earth are out there. Their numbers are great. And I believe they carry a torch of hope for the world I know and love.” You can find the entire post at the below link.

As I conclude this post, I propose one final question: What is the fate of these souls seemingly ripped from this world too soon?

My guess… that they are all part of a special legion of Angels. They remind us all to love those around us and to make the world a better place…They carry the “Torch of Hope.”


3 thoughts on “Caught in the Crossfire – Carrying the “Torch of Hope”

  1. Love your writing, love your thoughts, love your family. Have a safe and blessed Holiday season – Merry Christmas. Would love to hear about your trip.

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