Finding Unexpected Motivation


It’s funny how when pursuing our greatest ambitions, it’s often the smallest things that keep us going.

I sat down at my desk around 9:00PM tonight with the all too trivial mission of writing another blog post.  I felt tired and unmotivated.  Hoping to find inspiration, I started sifting through some magazines.  I settled on GQ’s Fall Style Playbook and immediately flipped to the article about Denzel Washington- one of the most admired actors and badasses of our time.  Despite Denzel’s intriguing story, I lacked focus and grew increasingly tired.  A nap was in order.  Two minutes later, I was out.

After awaking about an hour later, I sat back down in an effort to finish what I had started.  Denzel – Part 2.  My eyes flashed between the magazine pages and the darkness of my inner eyelids.  I nodded in and out for the next 30 minutes, when my phone rang… “Call from Lauren Kenney”.  I smiled and immediately picked up.

A bit of background on the Kennedy family:

The Kennedy’s have been incredibly good to me and my twin brother, Brendan.  After sharing 5 years’ worth of dinners, church services, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, trips to Folly Beach, and other memorable experiences together, the Kennedy’s have indoctrinated us as two of their own.  Brendan and I couldn’t be more privileged to call them our “Southern Family.”  (More to come on the Kennedy’s in later posts).

A bit of background on Lauren:

Lauren (“LaKenn”) is a great friend and Clemson Tiger, who just so happens to be the much prettier counterpart and younger sister to my best friend and business partner, Carlisle Kennedy.  She is incredibly motivated and is highly involved as a leader in numerous organizations at Clemson.  Most importantly, though, Lauren is without question one of the sweetest and most caring young ladies that I know.  While Brendan, Carlisle, and I were at Clemson, Lauren would regularly spoil us with her company- joining us at Chimney 125 to stop by and say hello and to cook “family dinners” for the team.  She’s got some serious skills-  I’m talking an asparagus casserole that would make even the pickiest of children love green vegetables and a rum cake that will make you hit the floor- literally hand over your keys if you decide to treat yourself to a slice.  Bottom line:  I always find myself cheesing when Lauren’s around.  She’s just the type of girl who takes care of and makes everybody around her happier.

Back to our phone call:

Lauren and I covered a broad array of topics – Formal in Myrtle Beach, hiking in Panthertown Valley, Clemson Homecoming Pageant (Lauren has been selected to participate), Tigerama, the BMW Performance Driving Center, Paris, tennis, new business ideas, and several more.  While I always enjoy catching up, what was far more important to me than any of the things we discussed was the feeling that I had during and after our discussion.

The Bottom Line:

My night had already changed before Lauren spoke a word.  We all have people in our lives who we associate with nothing but happy times- people who bring out the best in us.  Lauren is one of those people for me, and I couldn’t be happier that she surprised me with a phone call tonight.  It’s now past 1:00AM and I still am invigorated from our chat.  The night (or morning) is young, and there is always more to be done.

One of the last things Lauren said to me before hanging up really hit home.  She reminded me,

“You can’t let life get in the way.  You’ve got to live life.”

No.  That’s not a quote from a famous businessperson or celebrity.  It’s a LaKenn original.  It’s an example of why I think she’s so great.  And it’s the message I wanted to share with y’all, as well.  (Sorry Denzel, but maybe you’ll be the highlight of next week’s post).

I hope that you find unexpected motivation to keep you going when things get tough or you get tired.  Pick up the phone to call a friend or family member if they don’t call you.  Or take a break to do something fun.  Remember Lauren’s message:  Live life.

And as is our team’s mantra for The Indivisible Group, “Life is all about the experiences we live and the people we share them with.”

Big game for Clemson hosting VaTech this weekend.  Go Tigers!


2 thoughts on “Finding Unexpected Motivation

  1. It’s 6 am; I ‘m in Columbia for a conference. Just read your blog -wow! You have started my day off in an awesome way. I’ m energized & ready to go. Watched a thought provoking TED Talk on plane home from Hawaii -Alone Together. It talks about how social media is changing our relationships. Hugs to all, MA

  2. Josh, I read this post on my way to work and I had to let you know it completely made my day! I’d have to agree that Lauren is pretty phenomenal and can leave you smiling and laughing without even knowing exactly why. I want you to know that you are also one of those “happy” people! You always have a smile on your face, and I can remember some pretty low times when you and all of the SigEp fam was there for me. I hope you have a great day and thank you for making mine just a little brighter!

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